Swim & Tennis Center Rules

Swim & Tennis Center Rules

1. A reservation is required for all functions held at the Cove Swim & Tennis Club. No use of the Pavilion, pool or tennis

courts is permitted without a member of the Swim & Tennis Club being present. All dues and fees must be current.

Rules & Regulations for the Cove Swim & Tennis Club must be adhered to by all function attendees.

2. Parties are deemed to be any group of 10 or more members with guests and serving food. Un-registered use of the

Pavilion for a party will result in a $100 fine+ a $50 cleaning fee

3. All Members and guests must enter the Pool/Pavilion or Tennis courts through the gates using an approved key.

4. Members may not loan access cards to anyone for use of the Pavilion, pool or tennis courts. A member of the Cove

Swim & Tennis Club must accompany visitors or family members who do not reside in your home. Members loaning

their keys are subject to

5. When leaving the pool, be sure to take all your personal items. Any personal items found will be placed in Lost &


6. When leaving the pool, please close umbrellas. High winds blow the umbrellas over and cause damage to the


7. Swim diapers must be used for small children. Accidents may cause the pool to be closed for up to 3 days. Members

causing pool closure incidents may be charged for cost of pool chemical monitoring. No regular diapers are allowed in

any pool.

8. Parents are responsible for supervision of their children at all times. Underage (less than 14 years old) children may

not be dropped off and left unattended at the pool or surrounding areas.

9. Swim and Tennis hours are from 8am to 10 pm. No one is permitted in the Swim and Tennis area after hours.

10. No overnight parking is allowed in the Swim and Tennis Parking lot. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at owner’s

expense. No parking or driving of any vehicle on the grass, landscaped areas, sidewalks, around tennis courts or on

the North Lake dam.

11. No jumping or climbing over any fence is allowed

12. Proper swim attire must be worn (no cut-offs, jeans, or underwear).

13. No boats, canoes, kayaks or large floats are allowed in the pool.

14. No bicycles, skates, scooters or skateboards are allowed in the Pavilion/Pool area or on the tennis courts.

15. At the onset of bad weather, everyone MUST clear the pool

16. Persons under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances will not be allowed on the premises or will be

asked to leave.

17. No glass articles, sharp metal objects, weapons or other hazardous materials are allowed on the premises.

18. No pets are allowed in the Pool, Pavilion or Tennis courts

19. Food or gum is only allowed in the Food Court/Pavilion area.

20. Do not hang or attach anything to the fence around the pool.

21. No rough playing, horseplay, dunking, shoving or pushing. No running on the deck.

22. No profanity, fighting or threatening other members or guests. Anyone using profanity, fighting or threatening

another member or guest will be asked to leave immediately.

23. Pool furniture is NOT allowed in either of the pools.

24. Persons with contagious or infectious health conditions are not permitted on the premises.

25. Tennis instruction or swim lessons can only be given to S&T members. One guest (1) and only if a member is present.

Amended July 2015

Thank you for your cooperation. Have a great summer and enjoy the Swim & Tennis Club facilities. NOTE: Please report any problems to RMS at 620-4203, and any unusual activity to Hoover Police at 822-5300.